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Wednesday, July 25, 1990
      ( 7:46 AM )

Well, that was a bit longer of a break than I intended to take. My first year teaching high school did kick my ass, but it was the most rewarding thing I've ever done. And for the first time in my life, I got up every morning anticipating the day and happy about going to "work." I don't know if I have any long time readers left checking in, but they know it's been a long trek to get where I am the last few years, and I feel totally confident saying that the last year was a success and teaching high school is where I want to be. And one of the great things about teaching...the summer vacation gig! So now I have some time to start catching up on stuff.

The kid is now 4 years old and going into his second year of preschool. He attended his 5th antiwar demonstration a few months ago -- these are still going strong here in Portland. I find it sad, though I feel resigned to it, that he's had to go to an anti-war demonstration every year he's been alive. But that is nothing compared to the children in Iraq, who have had to wake up to war all around them every day of their lives.

This is where my cynicism has a hard time not popping up everywhere - when after 6 months I come back to blogging and there are now 2800 coalition deaths in Iraq and 100's of thousands of Iraqi civilians dead (6,000 in the last two months?!?!?). And now I guess the "democratization" of the middle east was moving too slowly, so Israel has decided to attack the newest functioning democracy there: Lebanon. Wait, wasn't this happening when I was in middle school? That whole "learning from the past so we can do better in the future" thing isn't really something governments really consider, obviously.

Well,I won't blabber forever here on my first post back. I'm going to make the rounds to my old blog pals and see what's happening today. I think even Blogger was surprised to see me - but I'm jumping back in with both feet.

I missed this.

I missed YOU!

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