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Tuesday, May 06, 2003
      ( 10:42 AM )
Blog O'Doodle

I am trying to think of a way to change my schedule so that I can blog at least once on the weekend and not feel like when I come back to sitting in front of a computer all day on Monday that there's just too much to catch up with and then feel overwhelmed --not to mention that I have to spend ages perusing all the other blogs I love to read to see what's going on with everyone else. So then I end up not having a blog entry for days.

It's just that on the weekends, that's my time at home with the Kid. I don't really think about blogging then. Blogging is for me, and I guess I view my "during the week time" as the time I give to me - and the weekend, it's time I give to my family. I have been thinking lately a lot about being a working mama, and not only that, but the "breadwinner" of the family. I really like that my family isn't "traditional" and that we don't follow role types and that sort of thing. It makes me feel like I've made progress since my parents' generation. On the other hand, I know I get a good part of my example in life from my parents, who both worked my entire childhood because they had to AND because they wanted to. I guess the reason I have been thinking about it is that someone asked me this weekend (again) if P was still looking for a job or had he "given up." And if he did get a job, wouldn't I be happy to stay home with the Kid? Well, even if P could find a job (which in Oregon right now is worse odds than winning the lottery), I wouldn't be staying home full time - I would be going to graduate school. I often wonder why so much attention is paid to the "soccer mom" vote - are there so few working moms, so few breadwinning moms out there that our demographic just doesn't count?

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