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Friday, May 16, 2003
      ( 10:42 AM )
The "Heart" of the Democratic Party Fights Back

A leaked memo from the DLC on Wednesday said in part:

"But the great myth of the current cycle is the
misguided notion that the hopes and dreams of
activists represent the heart and soul of the Democratic Party

Al From, founder and CEO of the Democratic
Leadership Council and Bruce Reed, President
of the DLC, yesterday circulated this memo to
“Leading Democrats” in which they argue that
traditional Democratic values are “an aberration”
and that the thousands of grassroots Democrats
inspired by Governor Dean’s message to “take back
our party” are “activist elites” and not “real Democrats.”

Well, from one "activist elite" to you, Mr. From, you can kiss my ass.

I don't care if you support Howard Dean or not. The DLC is an affront to all true liberals, democrats and progressives, especially those who want to get Bush out of the White House and Congress changed in 2004. Write NOW to the DLC to show them they are going to have to deal with reality soon enough.

Dimwits. Who do they think they are???

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