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Thursday, August 21, 2003
      ( 3:43 PM )
Green Revolt?

I don't know if I buy this story that Greens are so virulently against the Dems that they will accept a Bush victory in 2004. It's not only that it's from Fox, but it seems REALLY like one guy's BS and not a story on the Green Party as a whole. I got the link from Counterspin, and I note that I can't find rumblings of this story anywhere else. It's because it's NOT a story. The entire thing is a spin off of one Green Candidate for CA governor - the only parts about the Green party as a whole are pure conjecture.

What I find really interesting in the whole "Greens v. Dems" debate is how so many people fail to recognize that it wasn't only Greens who voted for Nader in the last election. Without the vision of foresight to see 9/11 coming, those voters felt, and rightly so, that the Democratic party had left its roots and that the entirety of politics had moved so far to the right that the Democratic candidate, while espousing lovely language from the stage of the convention, went on to represent as further right than past republican presidents on some issues! It can be re-hashed until kingdom come, but the truth of the matter is that Gore did not lose that election, it was outrightly stolen - but on the other hand, he didn't make a showing to garner an overwhelming base of support either. Most of the people I know who voted for Nader are not Greens, they were faithful progressive dems. I would venture to guess that NONE of those previous Nader voters will vote Green in 2004. Not only that, but I personally have witnessed high-up Green coordinators and leadership come into the Dean camp, at least in this state.

Fox and its masters are going to do everything they can to throw a wrench in the Democratic process of nominating an opposing candidate to Bush. No matter who that candidate is, we can all rest assured he is in for a dirty tricks experience like he's never imagined. The Bush camp knows it's a threatened species now. We all have to stick to our guns and be together on getting Bush out. The core of the party knows that, the grassroots movements know that, the Greens know that and Ralph Nader knows that. I dont 'think it's going to be the election party that Karl Rove or the inside-the-beltway political press think it will be - the people have a taste of fighting back and many, many reasons to do so. Articles like this just prove to me how desperate the Right already is.

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