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Monday, August 11, 2003
      ( 8:46 AM )
Recall Blues

I really don't feel like talking about the subject that is on most people's lips and fingertips...but there is some good commentary out there. Not being a Californian or ever having been one, and not ever wanting to be one, I leave this up to the Californians to sort out. While I do believe it has national consequences in terms of the bad precedent and the additional battleground the GOP has set up in order to overrun democracy - I hold out hope the Californians won't let democracy be completely pummeled. More at Counterspin Central and Atrios and Calpundit (with a rundown on the candidates) - not to mention Liberal Oasis (with a Sunday talk show wrap up) -- but I would like to echo Ailes, with the best comment I've seen yet today:

Seriously, why is any Californian even considering voting
for Arnold Schwarzenegger? Do we need the State of
Minnesota to come out and do an intervention?

Just keep it inside California folks...we don't want an epidemic started.

UPDATE: oh, and Daily Kos and Talk Left too.

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