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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
      ( 9:13 AM )
Why Can't You Just Stay Dead?

That line is from DKos' post on the unraveling of the Wilson/CIA story. The White House is trying desperately to make the story die, and it just won't. As Kos rightly points out, this story is being led by Josh Marshall and as in the Trent Lott matter, the press has finally followed the lead of the blogs. Marshall is now blowing holes in the White House's and Novak's excuses, and it looks like the leaning house of cards that is this administration is starting to buckle. The media has finally gotten out front on this, though of course it is the print media mostly who is trying to dig into the story. The cable news just continues to blather on mindlessly - but that's their job. There is now an "official" investigation begun.

Of course Tom Burka may have already cracked the code on the whole affair.

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