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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
      ( 4:33 PM )
wOOOPS, there it ain't...

The Beeb is reporting that the infamous Kay Report will reveal that indeed there were no WMDs in Iraq to speak of. And even the "programs" were barely there. In fact, it looks like Sadam employed a mass weapon of deception on the US by playing games in his own little way. Shocking really.

No weapons of mass destruction have been
found in Iraq by the group looking for them,
according to a Bush administration source who
has spoken to the BBC.

This will be the conclusion of the Iraq Survey
Group's interim report, the source told the
presenter of BBC television's Daily Politics
show, Andrew Neil.

Downing Street branded the story
"speculation about an unfinished draft of
an interim report".

"And moreover," said the President's spokesperson in response to this revealing news, "it's an interim report from a subsequently unsubstantiated incomplete rendering of unconfirmed factoids that may or may not have been relevant at the time they were inconsequentially revealed. So there." Or something like that.

Where will he move the goalposts now?

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