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Thursday, November 06, 2003
      ( 1:40 PM )
Leave Your Brain at the Door

It's a busy day, so I only have time for a quick run down of what the Bush administration and the GOP have done to us lately (try to keep your head from exploding):

Bush signs record spending bill on Iraq...thus ensuring our children will be paying off debts until their grandchildren can take over... and not ensuring a just end to conflict in Iraq.

Remember that whole "we've given him a chance to turn himself in but he won't" thing that Bush made a big deal about before invading? Turns out Saddam DID try to turn himself in... and Bush decided that wasn't going to work - in terms of the plan, you know ... oh, and of course forgot to mention it to us. (Tom Burka has the reality perspective on this one today).

The administration has alerted 43,000 reservists that they will be called up for duty in Iraq soon. The plan is to downsize troop numbers in Iraq - thus making it even easier for them to be killed by guerilla fighters. Can you say rock and hard place?

Republicans on the Hill are flailing about, claiming that Democrats are playing politics because a memo leaked yesterday that said the Dems were fed up to here with Bush not giving truthful evidence and with the GOP not having even the appearance of wanting to conduct an investigation into the intelligence interpreted for the country as the basis for the war. Dems run for cover of course, instead of actually producing evidence that they have spines.

Speaking of Dems.... let's not forget how our "opposition party" has screwed us over as well:

The vote in the Senate for the $87Billion was anonymous. Yep, that's right - the senators cannot be held accountable for once again selling us out to Bush. Nice one.

And finally, if I have to hear that whining, emotional, wind-beneath-my-wings crap that is the background music on the trailers for the Jessica Lynch movie on NBC one more time, I'm going to...

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