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Friday, January 23, 2004
      ( 1:37 PM )
Primal Scream Steam...picks up, that is...

The Interview was great. It was preaching to the choir for me, but I did enjoy "meeting" Dr. Steinberg for the first time and seeing their interaction. It's obvious that they love each other very much and have a very strong marriage. I think it was a great chance for people to see some straight-talking, upfront and strong character that the media tries to distort. The viewership wasn't huge, according to ratings, but it did follow the debate on the same ABC channel in NH, so for that audience, anyway, hopefully a lot of voters saw it.

Kos makes a very good point that the media will probably stop the massive bashing in the next couple of days because they don't WANT Dean out of the race altogether - he is the biggest ratings draw they've ever had for a political candidate, he keeps the race interesting and he adds the touch of humanity that is so often absent - and that plays well on tv. If they kill him now, their ratings will go way down and no one will be interested in all their fancy political reports with the zippy headlines. I'm looking for a comeback in the polls over the weekend.

But, should you miss the zest with which Dean spoke to his troops on Monday night - you can replay it all you want, or listen to the hundreds of dance remixes of it!

Suburban Guerilla has the last word.

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