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Friday, February 06, 2004
      ( 4:55 PM )
Not that the Truth Matters Anyway

Well, the word is out on the so-called "independent commission" to study "what went wrong with the intelligence about WMDs. Bush has appointed a nice little crowd. Already bloggers are running up info on its various members. Here's a little insight from Ornicus, and yet some more from Dan Conley. John McCain has finally put the "sell" stamp on his soul as well.

This whole exercise is totally ridiculous. Not only is this "commission" not independent - every member handpicked by Karl Rove - but it's useless. It won't accomplish anything because while it's charged with investigating the intelligence about WMDs, it's not charged with looking how that intelligence was used by the administration or what decisions were made based on it. Already we know that the intelligence was misrepresented and manipulated. Not to mention the fact that it doesn't even have to produce any results until 2005.

Time for the Democrats in Congress to get some kahones and do some investigating. May I remind them of how quickly the Republicans swung into action when they smelled a lie on Clinton's lips? ... sigh... but I'm not holding my breath, consider our Dems' record so far.

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