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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
      ( 8:49 AM )
Happy Bloggy Birthday To Me!!

This week marks ONE YEAR that Bohemian Mama has existed in the blogosphere. I can actually start saying stuff like, "as I mentioned this time last year..." and "last year I brought up..." I've learned a lot, but not enough. I've written a lot, but not enough. I've ranted a lot - probably more than enough. I'm proud of my 14,600 visitors and my growing list of linked pals. I love the blogosphere and the idea that I can write my thoughts, others will read them, comment back to me or maybe just take home a tidbit of idea that they might not have thought of before. And likewise, I can do the same when I visit their blogs. It's the new social club!

Looking back on my archives, my original posts seem sort of funny and very rantish - but I was just learning. This time last year, I introduced myself to the blogosphere:

I'm a new mama - The Kid is 9 months old this week.
I still don't feel like I fit the part - but I'm not trying very
hard, I admit. I work to keep the family fed and in health
care, and The Kid frolics at home with his Dad, my
renaissance man of a husband, P. P is a cabinetmaker,
carpenter and computer tech - all careers for which there
are no jobs right now. So he is happily working away on
our new house, first bought this month, and bringing up
The Kid in the proper ways to fight evil, resist
authoritarianism, and ultimately to grow to be the Leader
of the Resistance.

One year later, and The Kid is 3 months from 2 years old, becoming proficient at counting to 5, knows his letters, can dance all the Wiggles dances, and sports a daily mixture of peanut butter, jelly and sometimes fish cracker crumbs in his hair (which he finally has). Well on his way to being Leader of the Resistance.

This coming year will provide even more fodder for the blogging activist as the election campaigns get underway and we strive even harder to get people to notice the things that really matter for the citizens of this country. Maybe only a few people hear us, but that's better than nothing. Having a voice is important, using it for change is even better. I am proud to be in the community of those who do just that. [/drivel]

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