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Thursday, March 25, 2004
      ( 2:23 PM )
In OTHER News...

No one's paying attention (yet), but how about this little tidbit from our former Calpundit about the Republican Hammer:

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) has begun
quiet discussions with a handful of colleagues about the
possibility that he will have to step down from his
leadership post temporarily if he is indicted by a Texas
grand jury investigating alleged campaign
finance abuses.

...Republican Conference rules state that a member
of the elected leadership who has been indicted on
a felony carrying a penalty of at least two years in
prison must temporarily step down from the post.

But back to the Scandalously Horrible Bush Administration - On the 9/11 Hearings Front:

Billmon discusses the Fox News intervention into the Hearings yesterday. It wasn't the White House that leaked that memo, it was Fox News that leaked it back to the White House to help them out:

But even by Fox News standards -- i.e. what they
think they can get away with -- this is remarkable.
In extremis, the VRWC has pulled out all the stops,
dropping even the faintest pretense that Fox has
any journalistic agenda, or even commercial
agenda, that outranks its role as a semi-covert
wing of the Republican Party propaganda machine.

Voice of a Veteran puts it this way:

The stupidity of Fox's attempt to help their man
out in the White House - the Commander-in-Chief
of Flip-Flops - was compounded by the fact that
they forgot who their intended target was: Did
they really think they would catch a former Chief
of Counterterrorism off guard? It was a laughable
and disgusting display by FOX who should issue
an apology to the Commission and to the public.
I am not holding my breath.

Josh Marshall deconstruct's Condi's claims to immunity from testimony. Even though there is a long history of presidential aids, and even National Secuirty Advisors, testifying under oath, evidently, there is precedent for her claim that she can refuse. Four out of the five cases where presidential aides refused to testify were from the Nixon White House. Shocker.

Digby notes that the Bush counterstrikes are about to get personal on Clarke.

And Hesiod makes a HUGE catch out of the hearings yesterday - there were actual recordings of the meetings about terrorism!

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