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Thursday, April 29, 2004
      ( 9:40 AM )
Censorship Again

Well, looks like several station owners refuse to air the Nightline episode tomorrow night that plans to name all the soldiers killed in combat in Iraq. Atrios, via Athenae, reports that the Sinclair media group (on the east coast) feels that such an airing would be "contrary to the public interest." The Sinclair Group seems to think it's more important to tell happy stories than to tell the truth.

If you are in the Sinclair Broadcast Group's areas (check Atrios for affiliates), then take some action. We don't need to be protected from the truth by corporate shills for the president who don't want Americans to have the facts (that our sons and daughters are being killed every day) on which to form opinions.

CBS caved to conservative pressure not to air a meaningless miniseries about Reagan because it told the truth (Reagan really did do nothing to stop AIDS when he could have). And now the corporate media is deciding that Americans don't need to have the option to view an honorable memorial to those who are dying. It's just better to ignore them, I suppose. I'm getting creeped out by how our world is turning into Oceania and I'm feeling more and more like Winston Smith. This stuff really pisses me off.

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