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Thursday, May 20, 2004
      ( 8:51 AM )
Bye Bye Angel

Well, for all my longtime readers, you know how much I am lamenting the passing of Angel last night. It was bad enough that they took Buffy away. (have I mentioned that my son could be a Chosen One - I know, it's usually only girls, but I'm telling you, this kid heals FAST. One day he's got a scrape on his knee from falling down on the sidewalk - next day: gone. He could be the next Champion. I'm just saying.)

Anyway, back to the wholesale destruction of Buffy and Angel. Why cancel such a popular show - especially after it just got a LOT better? Who knows - I guess the WB felt they could make more money with "reality" shows about humiliating people and eating worms.

Sigh. I thought they did a great last show. It could have been a 2-hr finale, but they fit it all into one hour just fine. I thought Buffy would show up, but it was okay that she didn't. I wasn't that surprised they offed Wesley - he's been tempting death for too long now anyway. I had thought that they might give Fred back, but the way the did it in the end was better. I loved that last meeting where Angel says, "not to be corny, but tonight, one of you will betray me." And then Spike raises his hand, wanting to be the one. Spike really made both Buffy and Angel better. He's a fantastically written character. I loved how he spent his last day. The other exchange I liked was when Angel fought Hamilton:

Angel: "People like you who don't care will never understand those of us who do."

Hamilton: "Yeah, but we won't care."

Reminds me of a president I shall leave nameless. Anyway, I was glad about how Conor turned out (he really sucked last year - I didn't like him), and I was pleased with the final scene. Though it was all somewhat bittersweet, knowing that yet one more really intelligent show was being replaced by something like "WB's Superstar." Hopefully there will be movies.

Soon. Please.

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