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Friday, May 28, 2004
      ( 9:24 AM )
Oh for Crying Out LOUD!!

Sean Hannity last night equated Moveon.Org with the Klan:

HANNITY: Should -- why would Al Gore associate with a group that is that left wing and that radical? What if he spoke before the Klan? Would that -- would we not hold him in judgment for that?

Sean Hannity long ago passed the Idiot Threshold, but now he's managed to even overstep the Most Half-Witted, Moronic Analogy EVER Threshold.

Come ON people. Is THIS what passes for political commentary? This guy is so inane that it's hard to even give credence to him - and yet thousands of people watch and listen to him daily and then repeat what he says. Does anybody THINK these days? arrrrrrggghhhhhhh!!!!

(thanks to Atrios for the heads up)

p.s. It must be killing Hannity and his ilk that Gore's speech has so far outlasted 2 1/2 news cycles and is still going strong. They can't stand it! And they can't fight it, except with idiocy.

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