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Monday, May 24, 2004
      ( 4:38 PM )
Scary Stories

In today's NY Times, David Sanger reports that while the Bush administration fairly freaked out and rushed into war with Iraq over intelligence about supposed WMD's, it's reaction to the reality of North Korea's WMD's is remarkably more subdued (shocker).

The discovery that North Korea may have supplied uranium to Libya poses an immediate challenge to the White House: while President Bush is preoccupied on the other side of the world, an economically desperate nation may be engaging in exactly the kind of nuclear proliferation that the president says he went to war in Iraq to halt.

Yet to listen to many in the White House, concern about North Korea's nuclear program brings little of the urgency that surrounded the decision 14 months ago to oust Saddam Hussein. When Mr. Bush has been asked about North Korea in recent months, he has emphasized his patience. He does not refer to the intelligence estimates that North Korea has at least two nuclear weapons, or to the debate within the American intelligence community about whether North Korea has spent the past 18 months building more. (mama's emphasis)


"I admit there appears to be more than a little irony here," said one senior administration official, when asked how what he thought Mr. Bush might have said in public if Saddam Hussein - instead of Kim Jong Il, the North Korean leader - had been suspected of shipping raw material for nuclear weapons to a country like Libya. "But Iraq was a different problem, in a different place, and we had viable military options," he continued. (mama's translation: North Korea doesn't have oil, and they could actually hurt us)

The rest of the article has more scari-ness. But not to worry! We're taking the path of patience and prudence with North Korea! Why, we're not even negotiating with them - that should waylay those rascally nuclear weapon owners! Meanwhile, let's take more troops away from South Korea to die in Iraq. That's the ticket!

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