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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
      ( 10:30 AM )
You Want Bi-Partisanship? You Got It.

Reuters reports that Kerry has named his first choice for Defense Secretary: John McCain. While this is not a gasping surprise, it does blow in the face of all the republicans who have been screaming that the Iraq situation shouldn't be "political." What ISN'T political about it? My answer to all those people who always scream about "partisan politics" is: Partisanship is what keeps them all accountable. Our system wouldn't work without partisanship. The whole POINT of our system is that our elected representatives represent the varied viewpoints of their consituents AND make decisions based on their best estimate of what is best for the country. Without different parties, we'd have no discussion of issues, no choices, no accountability.

In my opinion, the Democrats MUST continue to pursue justice in this situation of the atrocities and resolving the Iraq war - not to mention the overall strategy of eliminating the power of terrorists in the world. If we do not have the voices of opposition parties, then we would be an autocracy. Yes, there IS a time for bipartisanship and coming together. But partisanship and the opposition of elected representatives to the party in power is a GOOD thing. Good for democracy. Good for all of us.

Now that I've said my bit about the democratic goodness of partisanship: John McCain for Defense Secretary! Yay!

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