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Thursday, August 12, 2004
      ( 11:16 AM )
The Four Months Mantra

Atrios is debunking it. Of course.

Digby addresses the real issue: these liars and lying pundits who are fanning the attack flames are doing the smear thing because they can't take Kerry on over the issues.

I am really getting sick of this crap. Kerry needs to start kicking ass and taking names later or I'm really gonna get pissed off. This is what he needs to do: release this statement: "This is the bottom line: I volunteered to serve in Vietnam, I did so proudly and with the best that was in me. When I returned I fought for those I'd left behind because I believed the war was being conducted against the interests of my country and our troops. What did George W. Bush do during those years? The fact is that my entire adult life has been a consistent effort to serve my country. George Bush and his supporters have to smear me with lies because they can't debate me on the real issues. They have run this country into the ground and I and the thinking people of this country aren't going to take it anymore."

Who cares if he pisses off the right? Who cares if he pisses off conservatives? He's not getting their votes anyway! The votes he needs to worry about are ours! I'm just hoping he's pulling an Ali in the Jungle and is ducking and dancing until he can give a knock-out punch. Frankly, in politics, I'm not sure that's the best way to go - he should be throwing more punches more often. Just my opinion.

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