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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
      ( 7:19 PM )
The Expectations Game

So once again the Rove Machine is spouting this kind of crap:

Bartlett: "Obviously, President Bush has had to practice twice as hard to learn all the different positions that John Kerry has taken on the big issues of the day. But he's ready to hold his own."

The theme of the week: If Bush doesn't drool all over himself, he's won a HUGE victory!!! ...oh, and Kerry is a flipflopper!! What is this? Will Americans fall for this again? It's a bunch of hooey. Not only should there not be lower expectations of Bush, but there shouldn't be low expectations of ANYONE who seeks the office of the president!!

This isn't how we raise our children, why should we rate a president this way? Speaking of children - I need to give my highschool government students some things to look for as they watch the debate. Things they can write down and discuss the next day. Any good ideas?

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