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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
      ( 10:03 AM )

Wow, this end of the semster stuff kills me. My regular readers know that I'm currently trying to make my way through grad school - this is my second semester of it. Just like at the end of summer, this last week of the semester is just a bear. But after 36 hours of no sleep finishing my term papers and projects for various classes, I'm almost free from classes! I still continue to do my student teaching, but that is heaven compared to the grad classes.

Starting next Monday, I'll be in a middle school full time and then back to my high school full time until the winter break - so my blogging may be a bit sporadic as I figure out my schedule - probably won't get posts up till afternoons. But I'm still here, so check in with me! I have to confess I'm not as thrilled with having to do the middle school thing (I'm required to observe middle school even though I want to teach high school) - but it should be at least be interesting to be around a bunch of puberty stricken eighth graders for 40 hours a week. If you are a middle school teacher or parent, any advice is welcome!!

Okay, so that's the update. Now I'm off to scan the news about the latest corruption in Congress, lies in the white house and power plays in the pentagon. But at least we can be thankful for the small things that simply could never happen... for instance, the arctic ice cap melting so quickly that the native Inuit don't even have a name for what's happening to their habitat... Ooops...

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