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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
      ( 5:15 PM )
The Right's Cultural and Moral Highground

The House GOP decided not to vote to change the House Ethics rules today. The proposed change would have allowed members who are indicted to keep their leadership position - basically the rule change was expressly for Tom DeLay (who could be indicted at anytime and is the poster boy for ethics violations in the House). Tom DeLay did not look happy coming out of the meeting (what a guy, taking one for the team), but he put on a brave front and, of course, said this was the only issue the Democrats had to work with this new session of Congress. Then he went on to explain that now that this is dealt with, they can move on to their important agenda, which includes, and I quote Mr. DeLay: "Social Security reform, tort reform, tax reform, and cultural reform."

Cultural reform? What is that? And what, pray tell, is the House of Representatives going to do to reform us culturally?

...oh, my mistake, I notice in the NY Times today that, silly Mama, it's obvious the Republicans have a monopoly on moral reform and are already on the fast track to higher forms of culture:

Kelsey Grammer will be the M.C. at a kickoff inaugural gala honoring the military, the rap artist Kid Rock will perform at an inaugural youth concert and President Bush's most reliable fund-raisers have so far collected $15 million for three days of meticulously planned parties to celebrate his second swearing-in.

"Our first job is to provide a quality experience for our attendees," said Gordon C. James, a deputy director of inaugural events, who was bustling around the inaugural committee's offices on Thursday like a man before opening night. (Mama's emphasis added)

Kid Rock - the epitome of culture (check out the lyrics to his hit "Pimp of the Nation" - children not allowed) - will kick of the inaugural celebration for the most Moral and Godly administration this country has ever seen. Makes sense to me, doesn't it you?

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