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Saturday, June 18, 2005
      ( 8:41 AM )
Holy Movie Review, Batman!

I don't usually do movie reviews - mostly because I don't go to the movies like I used to (those toddlers - they really can put a cramp in your style). But we got a rare opportunity to go out on Wednesday night and we saw the new "Batman Begins." It was... COOL. I am a HUGE Batman franchise fan, I loved the first one with Michael Keaton- they all went sort of downhill from there. But this one is totally different. The director is the same guy who did "Memento" if that tells you anything. It was dark but not annoyingly so like like a Burton film, and it had loads of light moments. It was a very tight plot and the gadgets and martial arts were very cool. The guy who plays Batman in this new film, Christan Bale, is a really great actor. He was the kid in "Empire of the Sun." He is the perfect every day type hero with seething rage under the surface. This film was enjoyable in every way, and I HIGHLY recommend it - it should make oogles of money.

Batman has always been my favorite superhero. Spiderman comes in a close second. But whenever I get into those "who is the best: Superman or Batman or Spiderman" arguments with people, for me it all comes down to this. Superman isn't even human. To be a true superhero in my book, you must be fully human and able to conquer all the obstacles other humans must face. Superman is cut from the list automatically for being from Krypton, and Spiderman gets cut because his dna has been altered, so he's no longer truly fully human. That leaves Batman. Bruce Wayne must rely on his own skill, cunning and ubercool gadgets and car to save the day. A true superhero of the human variety.

Batman: 10 on the cool scale.

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