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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
      ( 4:01 PM )
Leading By Example

The President feels that the lack of energy conservation in our country needs to be addressed. Especially now that his oil company buddies really have the opportunity to gouge us all. So he addressed the nation, asking for some real sacrifice:

Bush issued his call for conservation after receiving a briefing on the energy outlook. He urged Americans to avoid unnecessary car trips and encouraged federal workers to use public transportation or join car pools.

He directed federal agencies to curtail nonessential travel and to conserve electricity during peak hours when possible.

"If it makes sense for the citizen out there to curtail nonessential travel, it darn sure makes sense for federal employees," Bush said. "We can encourage employees to car-pool or use mass transit, and we can shift peak electricity use to off-peak hours. There's ways for the federal government to lead when it comes to conservation."

But... really, who's keeping track?

The president's spokesman says this trip is, in fact, essential so the president can get a look at recovery efforts.

Spokesman Scott McClellan says the president's motorcade of gas-guzzling vans and SUVs is being shortened, but it's hard to make similar savings on Air Force One.

The Air Force recently estimated that fuel costs on the presidential aircraft have risen past $6,000 an hour, up from just under $4,000 in the last budget year.

Well, at least he left his official Presidential Hummer2 at home. Little Favors.

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