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Monday, October 02, 2006
      ( 5:28 AM )
Clean House

It just get worse. Here in Oregon, the law states that if you know of any abuse towards children or minors and you fail to report it, you are criminally liable, just like the abuser. I don't know what the law is in DC, but frankly, nothing less than sweeping criminal indictments for any lawmaker who knew Mark Foley was a predator and did nothing should be accepted. Yesterday word was that the Republican leadership has known of his abusive behavior for years and yet kept it quiet. They enabled his predatory habits and are just as guilty of the abuse themselves.

It's just further indication of the Culture of Bullies that control the government these days. The behavior is chronic in the entire "leadership" of Washington, in all three branches. It's disgusting and it shows these people for the inhuman beings they are.

Unfortunately, if the media latches on to this new scandal, I fear that what will be lost is discussion of that horrible bill that was passed on Thursday. The shifting of power to the executive branch in that bill is so beyond unconstitutional. The removal of habeas corpus, the acceptance of torture, the denial of the Geneva treaty we signed in good faith - all those things are part of the entire package that now gives the Executive so much authority that the Congress has virtually made itself redundant. It is what Thomas Jefferson feared - the return of a king. And now that we know this king's minions also alow the abuse of children to take place in the halls of Congress, we can be further assured that no good can come of this. Not that we ever thought it could.

Now more than ever it is crucial to shift power in November. If only to try to rebalance the branches of government just a little. Though after the display on Thursday, I have no more faith in Democratic leadership than I do in the Republican at this point. But some sort of shift must occur or the consolidation of power will go completely unchecked.

This is not good.

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