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Monday, March 31, 2003
      ( 2:50 PM )
A Generally Great Idea

Check out Digby's ongoing discussion on the possibility of Wesley Clark running as a Democratic candidate in 2004. (If you aren't reading Digby regularly, now is a good time to start.) He raises some interesting points about Clark as a possible dark horse candidate who could actually pull the Dems together and beat Bush. Comments from his readers are also interesting. Digby echoes some of Kos' thoughts on the matter as well. Just the fact that Bob Novak hates the him makes the General A-OK in my book. Oh, and Ann Coulter hates him too (though she can't manage a cogent thought, as usual).

The Mama confesses that not only does she admire Gen. Clark's position on issues surrounding this war and so far likes what she's read about his domestic political views, but she thinks he is the best looking candidate EVER. Now, I realize this may be a very shallow observation, but many a presidency has been known to be won because of this one issue alone (however sad that may be). I find this topic very timely as I informed P only 3 days ago that I have a crush on the General and I would like to watch him on CNN every night, just to look at him. P has informed me in return, no way in hell are we watching CNN every night. So I'm off to read the General's writings and find whatever bandwagon I need to jump on to get him nominated.

P.S. If he DID win, wouldn't it sort of be a let down to go from being addressed as "Supreme Allied Commander" to just plain "president?" Can we still call him Supreme Commander if we want to?

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