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Monday, March 31, 2003
      ( 11:18 AM )
Back in Blogo-land

After a very long 4 days we are moved into our little house. There is so much work to be done on it, that even though we're finally there, I prefer to live in denial for a little while longer. We are basically camping out in a construction zone right now. Fun for exploring 10-month olds, not so fun for the taller people. Moving was horrendous, but thankfully, it's over with. If I can dig out from under some of the boxes, I might even be able to concoct a fully-nutritious meal of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese tonight. Anything is better than take out or pizza at this point.

Thanks to Daintily and Annie for your well wishes - sorry your comments disappeared when I re-did my commenting format, thanks to byte back and mwowwww. But I did read them, and appreciate the sentiments.

I am slowly making the rounds of blogs and checking in on what went on while I was gone. I'm definitely with maru on the firing of Arnett from MSNBC (why don't they just run constant loops of ari fleischer and rumsfeld "press conferences" if that's all the info they really want to communicate - why on earth do you need actual reporters anyway these days??).

Everyone in the media is all a-twitter about this New Yorker article that says that Rumsfeld is micro-managing the military plan and overruling the generals. Why this is news, I'm not so sure. Why the press thinks asking Rumsfeld about it will clear up any questions they might have is even more mysterious to me.

And no one seems to be talking about the sudden departure of Richard Perle last week...cracks in the administration's fortress? Probably not, but it's fun to think so.

And check out Wampum's heads-up on the small pox vaccines and W's secret executive order that takes away all the rights of anyone injured by the vaccine.

A good friend sent me this while I was out this weekend. Haven't seen much about it, and while I think it would be lovely if it happened, with the entire congress kissing the butt of this imperialistic administration, I doubt anything will happen. I guess the lesson here is: you're not impeachable if you lie to the country and the world, fabricate evidence, usurp the authority of the UN Security Council, undercut your generals and their troops and generally encourage the full eradication of civil liberties in the U.S., all in order to invade and conquire weaker nations that have not actually threatened you...BUT, if you lie about having sex, then dammit, you've got the full power of the impeachment process pounding down on your head.

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