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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
      ( 12:09 PM )
News You Can Use...or not.

What? What's that about China Preparing for War with the US?
And now from the "mainstream" media...the invasion of Iraq has now become tedious and repetitive, so moving on to what OTHER countries we can go to war with...

And the Winner Is...
In today's Money section...Congrats, Veep, you got the job!

That's Not What Mr. Rumsfeld Said Was Happening in Basra...
The BBC is reporting that in fact, we have not secured Basra.

Wait A Minute...What Do You Mean They Don't Like Us? But We're LIBERATING Them!
Continuing my perusal of today's news...I find some very revealing and intriguing headlines captured by Common Dreams. This particularly poignant (and yet infuriating) story caught my attention (partial):

Standing in front of his destroyed home, Thamur Sheikel, a 53-year-old Oil Ministry employee, said he had returned from work to find his house no longer standing and his older sister and two young nephews killed.

"Bush is cursed," he said, biting off the words. "They want to destroy the people. Maybe God will destroy them. Revenge on Bush for this aggression. We are peaceful people; we do no harm to anybody."

Thom Hartmann's article in today's Guerilla News is an excellent piece on the very subject of discussion over at Digby's today. Can the progressive wing of the Democratic Party institute actual change and take back the power from the ever-more radical republican stronghold? The Answer is up to you (or me...or whoever actually decides to do something about it).

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