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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
      ( 9:33 AM )
At this very moment throngs of people are crowding at the NW corner windows of the Firm to look down on protesters on the corner. It is cause for much comment and screeching about the storm trooper cops and mocking of the bedraggled protesters. In fact, there are more cops than protesters. There is a whole line of motorcycle cops lined up facing the few people with signs on the corner, and along the adjoining street, a line of bicycle cops (is this only in Portland: riot cops on bikes?). The protesters aren't sophisticated, only have signs made out of cardboard and markers, are wet from the rain. But they are there. And they are saying what they need to say and doing what they need to do. It's important. I am glad they don't know the mocking being heaped upon them from the buildings above them. They don't deserve that. I feel like an alien in this Firm sometimes.

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