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Saturday, March 22, 2003
      ( 9:04 AM )
Happy Now?
Oh God. Does this make up for 9/11? When will the administration's insatiable, insane hunger for blood be satiated?

This makes me sad and so pissed off at the press who keep berating the poor man for expressing his grief and anger, very appropriately, I think. I realize probably everybody is already tuned in, but in case you're not - check out warblogs for up-to-date news and commentary on what's happening. Also, you can't miss with Agonist's up-to-the-minute progress reports.

Thanks also to Digby for his continuously on-the-spot analysis of the crap seeping out of the white house. Also, check in regularly with Atrios - never misses a point.

The war porn continues on all channels - not one mention of the FBI's new campaign (does anyone REMEMBER the internment of the Japanese-Americans 50 years ago?) Disgusting.

The protest in NY looks GREAT - and being led by family members of lost people in 9/11 - not wanting that day to be used as the excuse to commit these atrocities.

On a personal note, I caught myself in one of those odd moments this morning while packing up for our upcoming move...wrapping dishes in newspapers that had pictures of bombs dropping on people. Sigh...

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