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Friday, March 21, 2003
      ( 1:38 PM )
Is this What We Want to Teach Our Children?
"Gee, I don't mind if we invade... [Iraq] Poland or Hungary or Russia. Those countries might have attacked us sooner or later anyway, and we need to protect ourselves. I don't know why the government is doing what it's doing, but who am I to question if they feel it's necessary to round up all the [Arab-Americans] Jews and keep tabs on them? I'm sure it's for my own safety. Even if they decide to put them in camps, who am I to question my government's decisions? I'm patriotic. Who do the rest of the world think they are anyway? We've been pushed around long enough. I'm loyal and devoted to my country's leaders, no matter what they do to others in my name. I'm patriotic. I probably can't make a difference if I speak up anyway. Not that I'd speak up. Because we've already invaded anyway... and I am patriotic, after all."

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