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Friday, March 21, 2003
      ( 9:43 AM )
Friday's Five Things That Are Really Pissing Me Off Right Now
(I am feeling surly again and in order not to cry from helpless sadness while working at the Firm today, I'm choosing to be belligerent and angry)

1. SUPPORT THE TROOPS - I would like to know where these f@!*ing "supporters of the troops" have been the last ten years while vast numbers of members of the military have had to use food stamps in order to feed their families because the "defense budget" doesn't actually go to PAY the men and women who put their lives in harms way - no, it goes to CONTRACTORS. I would like to know where these "supporters of the troops" were before this war buildup started so they could try and voice strong dissent about sending the men and women over there in the first place! I would like to know HOW you can "support the troops" AND be FOR A WAR THAT'S GOING TO KILL THEM AND NOT DO A DAMN THING TO PROTECT US FROM FURTHER ATTACKS. THINK ABOUT IT, PEOPLE.

2. WELL, IT'S STARTED SO SHUT UP AND SUPPORT THE GOVERNMENT. What???!!!!! Just because our government engages in belligerant invasions of other countries, ignoring the cogent arguments of the rest of the world, that once they actually start their war, we should just suddenly believe we're doing the right thing and back our government all the way? Patriotism means shutting up and sitting still while the government that is supposed to represent us to the world randomly acquires targets and shoots the world apart?

3. HI I'M 11 YEARS OLD AND I THINK THAT WE SHOULD SUPPORT THIS WAR. Last night for hours on end, the local news cable channel had people calling in. Somewhere there was some kind of blanket propaganda machine that infected all 11 year olds in the Pacific Northwest, because I swear to God, at least 20 of them called in to say that they supported the war and that they thought the protesters shouldn't be on the streets. Are we explaining to these 11 year olds what exactly WAR is????

4. OH LOOK THERE ARE SOME BEDOUIN SHEEP! Thank goodness there were some interesting protests to watch on tv last night because god forbid the cable news channels show anything ELSE but SAND. And by the 5th time I heard one of the reporters on their lovely satellite phone camera thingys that produce those lovely impressionist images of war say "we're in tanks heading through bedouin camps - oh look! Bedouin goats! Sheep! I was ready to throw my kid's talking turtle toy through the tv. Interestingly, while OUR news was reporting about zipping through the desert in tanks and passing only bedouins, the BBC was reporting that the troops were meeting a fairly high level of resistance and shooting. Hmm..so much for IMBEDDING our reporters with the troops.

5. SADDAM IS DEAD! THE IRAQI GOVERNMENT IS CAPITULATING! WAIT, SADDAM IS ALIVE! BUT HE'S HURT! NO, WAIT - HE HAS 14 DOUBLES, THAT MIGHT NOT HAVE BEEN HIM!! Give it up already. Does Rumsfeld actually think we believe anything that comes out of his mouth anymore? The press as gatekeepers is long gone, I realize that - but come on, is there no end to your vapid kissing of the pentagon's ass?

Finally, I heard this doozy on NPR this morning: A fellow in southern california, who is of Lebanese descent, but is an American citizen, thought perhaps there might be some backlash against him during this conflict. There was damage and vandalism done to his businesses, but not because he's Lebanese. No, he owns a chain of dry cleaners that has the Eiffel Tower as its emblem.

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