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Thursday, March 20, 2003
      ( 11:36 AM )
Mama Musings
Baby is disoriented and a little confused right now because we are moving next week and the apartment is all a-jumble with boxes, etc. He seems to be feeling some tension about all the unfamiliarity. As he lay sleeping last night I just wanted to keep looking at him because it gave me such peace - I never wanted to leave his room. I told him that no matter what happened, how different things looked, Mama and Daddy would always be there. I hope that's true. It made me think about other Mamas of older children. What do you tell your children during times like this? I suppose if they're young enough, you just protect them by not telling them anything.

Just heard from my mother that a buddy of my Brother has contacted her to let her know he's closer up than we thought - most likely, he is here. I've sent him cards and a couple of short letters, but I have had an ongoing battle with myself, trying to write him since the High Noon Speech Monday night. I should probably just let it go and be light and happy in my letters. Then again, he'd probably see right through me. He's like that.

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