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Thursday, March 20, 2003
      ( 10:40 AM )
Now Entering the Surreal Zone
Here in the Pacific Northwest we have our own cable news channel - kind of like CNN for Washington, Oregon and Idaho. I watched it more often when I lived in Seattle. But this morning, P was watching while I got ready for work and they were having viewers call in and express their opinions. Of course there were long diatribes against the protesters (several were arrested last night for singing and holding hands at Westlake Center). Two vets actually called in separately and expressed anti-war sentiments.

But then, a woman called in and said: "I don't understand how these people can be protesting - don't they know this man has bombs that can reach Oregon?" I kid you not. She actually said that. And the anchors didn't correct her...until about 5 minutes later one of them interrupted the ongoing call-ins and said something to the effect of "we just want to correct something here...Iraq does not have bombs that can reach Oregon - that's North Korea." Turn away from the television, just turn away.

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