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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
      ( 11:25 AM )

"It was a week to check your hearing. Many of the things being said could only be described as delusional." -- Mary McGrory, Washington DC correspondent, describing George Bush's latest press conference. --from Eat The State

Mr. President, I have an enormous favor to ask of you.
Could you bomb us?

Not just once or twice for show; I mean really bomb the city of Seattle, hard, like what you're planning for Baghdad, and probably for Pyongyang and Teheran and Damascus and whatever other 50 or 60 major world cities are on your Pentagon planners' current lists. I mean blast us back to the stone age. Make it hurt. Send us a message.

I'd prefer that you not hesitate or think too much about this; I wouldn't want you getting migraines or anything. But if you do, consider that we, too, are under the rule of a power-hungry leader we never voted for, one that's using torture and investigating political and religious minorities and disappearing people off our city streets and into a prison system from which they never re-emerge. That government has unthinkable numbers of nasty weapons and seems anxious to use them

--Read the whole letter from Geov Parrish - it's not to be missed.

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