...I'm okay with being REALITY-based.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003
      ( 8:45 AM )
I Wish
My brother would come home soon (and all the rest of the troops)
The Kid wouldn't fall down and hit his head so much
The new house would snap into order with little work from me
The new yard would suddenly be landscaped
We could have a puppy - a Westie
P could find a job - that makes some money, has some benefits and makes him happy
The five other people in my family who are unemployed because of the economy would find the same
That I could stop craving chocolate so much
That ice cream was its own recommended food group
That there would be no war
It would stop raining
My best friend didn't live 7000 miles away
My next door neighbor would have her baby this week with relatively little pain and lots of joy
I were more confident to stand up to people who bully me
I could sing in tune
There were such a thing as non-invasive, non-surgical lifetime birth control that still balanced your hormones
I could go to grad school instead of telling them I can't, even though I was accepted, because I had to go back to work fulltime
More people would read my blog
I could sew
I could take a nap every afternoon after lunch
Pot wasn't illegal
Dissent wasn't unpatriotic
Bush wasn't president
Democratic politicians weren't such pansy asses
Working class people would unite and take back their power again
My taxes would pay for my Kid's education and not the destruction of other countries
My taxes would pay for the universal healthcare of all children and not the bailing out of airlines
You were my friend and we could go to lunch today
I was at home with my family
I knew where to stop this list....

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