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Monday, May 19, 2003
      ( 10:42 AM )
Out, Out Damned Spot!

Well, I guess the big news of the morning is Ari Fleischer's announcement (except of course: hell breaking loose in the middle east AGAIN, Indonesia invading one of its provinces AGAIN, the dollar sinks lower AGAIN, and another multi-million dollar corporation settles out of court with a sum that is not even a fraction of what it stole... AGAIN).

Ari seems to be picking an interesting time to leave. A lucrative offer from Fox News perhaps? More likely, a million dollar deal from a "think tank," in addition to the six figure speaking engagements. I'm guessing he's also going to do spin control for the campaign. Rumor is he was never part of the "Texas Mafia," and so perhaps he's tired of being the whipping boy for the Boss. Though that's a little hard to believe since he seemed to really relish his job of lying for Bush continuously for hours on end. Maybe it's hard to be a bull terrier when your Boss wants you to be a poodle.

While most of the white house press corps are no doubt singing "ding dong the witch is dead" right now - they all most likely know that the next guy will be just as bad or worse. This administration is sinking fast, and it's up to the press secretary to make it look like there IS no iceberg. The next press secretary is going to have to deal with the total failure of BushCo's "war on terrorism," the bankruptcy of almost all 50 states, deflation, recession, troubles in the middle east and Iraq, etc... I'm thinking Ari got out when the getting was good.

So, does this mean Helen Thomas gets to sit back in the front of the class again? Hope so.

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