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Thursday, August 21, 2003
      ( 4:33 PM )
THIS is What Pisses Me Off About News Reporting

The headline of this story is "Restart of Intel plant will employ 500." It's the kind of headline that makes a poor Oregon mama's heart jump with hope - maybe there will be a job for her husband! Maybe there will be new jobs for lots and lots of Oregonians! But the story is a stupid, stupid report about nothing. Not only will the jobs (and only 300) of them not be available until 2005 and then 2008, but

most of those employees will be transferred
from the company's Ronler Acres campus in Hillsboro

Nice. This state is languishing in the highest unemployment rates in history, people don't have work, especially people in tech jobs, and this purports to be a "business news" item? This is total crap - it's not even reporting, it's not even a news story, and it's most certainly not about employment or jobs for people...it's about a transfer of employees two years from now in a company that doesn't even pay taxes in this state. This is the desperate work of a media that can't even manage to report the truth of what the government (federal AND state) has done to its citizens. This mama is livid at such stupidity.

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