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Monday, August 11, 2003
      ( 4:06 PM )
Those Sexy Stroller Dads

One of my new favorite Bohemian Dads, Laid-Off Daddy, is the proud parent of a bilingual toddler! I had to laugh when I read this because the main pastime in our household has now become the game of "what did he just say?" Martin can utter entire paragraphs in a language known only to him and then look at us like we're complete numbskulls who obviously do not share a brain between us because we could not understand what he'd just explained very clearly. Kind of reminds me of the Bush Administration - uttering sentence upon sentence that they assume we will understand, but which seems to always be some form of twisted take on reality.

But I digress. Also on the Dad Blogs is the new hot topic of Stroller Dads. I'm a bit late to the game on this one since they were all talking about it at the end of last week. Being Daddy pointed to a story about how sexy Stroller Dads are. Rebel Dad took up the cause as well, pointing also to Frenzied Daddy's remarks about missing out on the Stroller Dad Effect. MomBrain went on to write a great piece on the subject matter, just to reassure our Stroller Dad pals:

Why, just the other day our playgroup was at the kiddie wading
pool when a stroller daddy set up camp nearby. Did any of the
mommies flirt with him? Of course not! Did we strike up a conversation?
Not even. Did we make eye contact? Nope. Did the mommies smile
at each other and raise our eyebrows and laugh liltingly and stretch
our lovely tanned legs in the sun? You bet your sweet bippies we did.
Did the Stroller Daddy notice? Probably not. I am sorry to insult my male
readership but you guys are just not attuned to feminine subtlety. It's
not about being hit on by a gum-cracking ho with cherry lipstick and
some scary Electra issues. It's about the Mona Lisa smile.

I realize I'm getting in late on the topic. But my 2cents, for whatever they're worth, echo MomBrain. But with the caveat that it's not only the sight of a man out with his child that is attractive, it's that the man is out with his child at all. I think it's inherently attractive and very sexy for a man to be enjoying some time with his son or daughter..or multiples of the same. I find my own husband quite the thing when I see him and Martin when I get off the bus... if they've made the special trip together to the bus stop to meet me when I come home from work, it just makes me cuddly all over. I find it somewhat amusing that the typical version of a Mom at home is the frumpy housewife trundling kids around in a mini-van, but the version of the Dad at home is a smart, sexy guy who looks cool at the playground and is brilliant for buying veggies at the store - it goes to show: Stay at Home Dads aren't just a new breed of coolness...they are the vanguard of the ultimate role model for men everywhere with kids or wanting kids or waiting for kids. Those lucky kids.

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