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Wednesday, September 03, 2003
      ( 2:08 PM )
Just In: Public Approves of Democracy in Growing Numbers

Bush is losing his grasp on 2004. I commented a few days ago about this increasing phenomenon of the GOP's various plans in various states to utterly usurp democracy. It seems like the press has caught on to the pattern as well.

The anger that began over former President Bill Clinton's
impeachment -- and intensified after the contested 2000
presidential election -- has solidified into an unshakeable
belief among the party's faithful that the other side has
abandoned rules of fair play.

The charge, which is gaining favor among some scholars
and nonpartisan observers, has become a staple of
Democratic speeches, opinion pieces and conversations.
Strategists expect, no matter what the recall outcome, it
will become a potent rallying cry heading into the 2004
presidential campaign.

The GOP may have finally overstepped its bounds. It seems to have believed for so long that it was empowered by God to lead this country that nothing could bring down the party or the farther-right-leaning maniacs that have taken it over. But they are wrong. God isn't on the side of political parties, no matter how strong their faith is that they are the messengers of the Almighty. Leaving God out of it, the GOP now has to face up to the fact that Americans are wising up to the republican schemes. People aren't just going to "let go" of the fact that crimes were committed in order to usurp the national election in 2000. People aren't just going to forget the fact that the bar set by Republicans in their silly yet feverish pursuit of impeachment of President Clinton reaches nowhere NEAR the nefarious acts committed by this administration. The issues in Texas, California, Nevada and Pennsylvania aren't going to go quietly into history. There is a very clear pattern of Republicans sabotaging democracy and it's coming back to bite them in the ass.

I'm beginning to think Republicans will do anything
to win an election -- except get the most votes.
-- Bill Maher

The trifecta of blunt objects, or the perfect storm of unbeatable forces, is now looming on the GOP's horizon: Loud, open and frequent reminders of the usurping of Democracy; (2) Loud, open and public Democrats who aren't afraid of dissenting and showing the Bush administration for what it is; and (3) a steadily increasing number of activated voters who are willing to do whatever they can to take back the governance of this country.

This is a storm that is unavoidable if it keeps up its momentum. Whether that happens remains to be seen. But I see no sign of it slowing down. The only people who aren't angry aren't paying attention. And the numbers of people paying attention are going to start increasing each week. There is no more "swing vote." The nation has become too polarized. It is now time for Democrats, no matter which candidate they support, to get up and activate - to get their friends and family to register and PROMISE to vote. As the old saying goes, you gotta have money or numbers. We've got the numbers if we can get them off their butts. The difference for us (as opposed to the GOP) is that we CAN use democracy to change things. And we will.

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