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Friday, August 29, 2003
      ( 11:41 AM )
Wait, I Thought We Won That War

Fierce Fighting in Afghanistan. That's the title of the story. The story is that Americans and other countries' troops have been dying regularly in the last few weeks in a country where the President feels he can safely claim a final victory. This is a travesty. Not only that our troops are still there fighting and dying, but that the Taliban and the warlords are still maintaining power in so many parts of that country.

This is one subject which I also disagree with Dr. Dean on. He says regularly that he supported the attacks and invasion of Afghanistan because they had caused 9/11. They didn't. The Taliban didn't even cause it. It was a cell group of a worldwide terrorist organization. Now, the Taliban in Afghanistan gave refuge to that organization's leaders, but the country itself was not responsible. I do not regret the lifting of the horrible Taliban regime in Afghanistan. But I do regret that we killed so many people, I regret that our answer was to bomb a country and set that kind of precident, and I regret that we did not make good on our claim that we were returning it to democracy. I only hope the people of Afghanistan will find a way to make their country strong despite our hit and run methodology that the Iraqis are now beginning to get used to. I also hope that our men and women will stop being killed for wars that have nothing to do with defending our own country.

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