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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
      ( 12:37 PM )
FlyPaper Politics?

Digby points out very succinctly the absolute folly of taunting the bull.

Maru phrases the subject clearly too:

While he vacations, raises millions of dollars for
himself in champagne shakedowns.

Vietnam war deserter/callous, partying fundraiser Smirky
McAWOL vowed Tuesday there would be no retreat from Iraq,
even as the toll of dead U.S. soldiers since May 1 rose to 141,
surpassing the number killed during the six weeks of major combat.

The empty echoes of a president that speaks in untruths may raise money from his faithful corporate fans, but in the end, he isn't leading us with dignity, compassion OR wisdom as he promised in his campaign...he's leading us into the valley of death...

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