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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
      ( 11:30 AM )
GOP: Taking the Democracy out of Democracy

The shifty GOP is at it again. Thanks to Charles Donefer for a great post about what the Republicans are up to now. In Nevada, plans are underway to recall Governor Kenny Guinn. Is he corrupt? Has he lied in such a way that led his constituents to die? Has he somehow stained the office he holds? Nope. He just signed a bill that raised state taxes so the budget could be balanced. Yep, that's the crime that the GOP feels is equal to usurping the votes of the people of Nevada.

And it's not only in Nevada, Donefer explains:

In Pennsylvania, brand new Governor Ed Rendell, is
being considered as the target of a recall. Why? "The
problem with Governor Rendell, Miskin says, is his efforts
to advance his agenda." So it's a heinus act to be a
Democrat in Pennsylvania now? Well, not yet - there
isn't a recall process in place at the moment.

How can this continue without some kind of backlash? Republicans seem to be so caught up in their own monarchy - they feel so strongly that God has endowed them alone to rule this country that even the most ridiculous and outright thievery of the democratic process doesn't seem too excessive to them. Now that it looks like their Charmed Boy is going to have a major uphill battle in California, one would think that they would lie low for a while, you know: not be so obvious. But if Tom Delay had his way, that silly old "rule of law" thing would be thrown out with the bath water and a new regime would reign in Texas as well.

Is this all crazy talk? Nope. Is there a coincidence in the timing that as 2004 approaches, the GOP is doing its damndest to cheat as many elections as possible? Nope. A party that has claimed moral highground in politics since the good ol' Newt days doesn't have much to show for all their hot air. I think a good question was asked of Republican voters last night by a leading democrat candidate at a rally of 10,000 in NYC: "you've voted Republican for the last 30 years - what have you got to show for it?"

The best way that we can fight these attempts by Republicans and Conservatives to usurp democracy at its core is to show them via democracy that they and their scams are no longer relevant. Revolution is upon us. And it will be very obvious that every vote counts as these next months unfold. Be sure your vote is one of them.

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