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Friday, August 22, 2003
      ( 10:21 AM )
The Bat is Back

Spurred on by Bush's $1million take yesterday in Portland, the Dean Campaign broke out the Bat again. The goal this time is $1million by the end of the Sleepless Summer Tour, which starts this weekend (coming here to Portland on Sunday at 12 noon at PSU!). The guys at Not Geniuses have a great post about it - reflecting some of my own thoughts. I think that a lot of people, even those who aren't really "Deanies," are really not impressed with the fact that while soldiers continue to be killed and bombs are going off and more people keep losing jobs, Bush is prancing around speaking for half an hour and collecting checks from a few huge time donors. Dean's goal is to try to show that we, the little people, can match that effort. So even if you're not sure yet who you'd vote for, slipping a $10 or $20 to the Bat this weekend could be a very small way for you to show that while you're not on the list of invitees for the Bush campaign, you definitely can have a say with regard to his job security.

The fact that they've already pulled in $160,000 before noon on the first day is a pretty good sign, I'd say. Reading the comments, you get this funny feeling that people actually are excited to give to a political campaign and show up Bush. Perhaps the total will roll past $2million, making up for what Bush will bring home from Portland and Seattle combined this weekend.

Note, Not Geniuses have some great activist tools - check them out! (Thanks to DKos for the link)

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