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Friday, August 22, 2003
      ( 9:41 AM )
Once More on the Zogby

P made a comment to me last night about the Zogby poll yesterday that was a great reminder to me. Beyond the fact that Bush's numbers are down and also that more people want another president than want him - if you look at the historical figures, Bush's approval ratings now are about where they were before 9/11. Literally, a massive terrorist attack on our country is what lifted him so high - one event is what measured his entire "job performance." We can't just ignore 9/11, it's now part of the fabric of our lives and our history, but I think it is interesting that without it, Bush has returned to being the unsupported president he was before it happened. How much of those approval ratings were the "sympathy vote" and just a desire in Americans for togetherness and some sort of reassurance after the horrible calamity of 9/11? It seems like truth emerges now: Bush's job performance as an effective president has not improved or even changed much without the influence of a massive attack on us and his massive attacks on other countries. In a way, it makes me sad that his job performance went up when he was commiting war on other nations - I hope our country begins to change a bit in perspective and sees that this is not the way we want to represent ourselves to the world.

I wonder if Rove is starting to worry yet?

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