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Thursday, September 11, 2003
      ( 9:54 AM )
No Words Are Good Enough

To all my friends in NYC, I'm sending you my love today. Especially to L. in Brooklyn who walked home over the Brooklyn Bridge with ashes in her hair on that terrible day, assisting her friend who could not see through the blood and ash trickling into her eyes, and J, who couldn't get home at all. To all my father's friends in DC who lost their husbands and wives at the Pentagon that day. To the parents and spouses of all the soldiers who have been killed in the days since 9/11 in unjust wars that were committed in the name of the lost. To the children who don't have moms or dads anymore. To all those hundreds of thousands in Chile who today commemorate their lost and dead at the hands backed by this country's government... and to this great country that is fast losing its freedom from fear. To you. To us. May we turn our fear and sadness and anger into action and make this country better than it was, turn it into a country that promotes peace and welfare here and around the world, turn it into the place that gives back to its own instead of takes from them - we must do this for each other and for our children. In the end, it's only up to us.

UPDATE: Why this is so important: Read below the fold at Tom Burka today.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to Nathan Newman for reminding us that opening our hearts and eyes needs to go beyond our own shores.

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