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Monday, September 08, 2003
      ( 1:48 PM )
Should We Stay or Should We Go?

There is a really interesting debate taking place at CalPundit today. The question of whether the US should withdraw from Iraq is one that Donald Rumsfeld is currently dismissing as propaganda from patriot-haters like us bloggers. Like Atrios, I'm sick and tired of this administration blaming those who dissent for encouraging terrorism against our country. This argument simply has no legs - it never did, but it certainly doesn't any longer. This administration, which proposes to fix midstream the fiasco it created - with the very people who created the fiasco in the first place - without making any recognizable changes in policy, personnel or procedure, cannot even BEGIN to be believable with this tired-out whine. The more they throw the blame at the people of this country who actually give a damn about the troops over there, the Iraqi people and our relationship with the rest of the world - the more ridiculous and pitiful they look. But don't pity them. They don't deserve anything but our resolve to continue the dissent that makes valuable the rights this nation is built on.

UPDATE: Steve Gilliard also blogs brilliant on this subject.

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