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Monday, September 08, 2003
      ( 8:57 AM )
That Huge Sucking Sound

...was the vacuum being inserted into your wallet for the money needed to prop up this administration's adventures.

I don't know about you, but we sat watching that speech last night, and I was waiting and waiting...for anything new to come out of his mouth. It was so monotonous and repetitive that I got distracted by his constantly blinking eyes (which then set me to wondering if he was blinking out some kind of morse code message like "ha ha just kidding - got my fingers crossed behind my back." But then I realized he didn't have to cross his fingers when he wasn't even saying enough of anything with substance to NEED a lie.). Then it ended. Rather suddenly, I thought. Not a word about reconciliation with our allies, not a word of bringing home currently burnt-out troops. Like TBogg, I'm tempted to think he did this meaningless speech just to distract from his Action Movie on Showtime, which was airing simultaneously. At first I felt disappointed and then I woke up and realized that my expectations, once again, were WAY too high.

So to feel better, I went to visit Tom Burka. That made the whole speech worthwhile.

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