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Friday, October 17, 2003
      ( 10:55 AM )
Friday is For Fathers

I know I skipped last Friday - but I'm trying to keep up! I try as much as possible to support the Dad blogs, and especially the Stay-at-Home-Dad blogs since that is a subject close to my heart (and home). I enjoy them all and encourage you to take a look if you get the chance. Here's an update of our Dads-About-Town and what they are up to lately!

Being Daddy celebrates his daughter's first songwriting achievement! And it's a fantastic song! (I especially like it since I always wanted to be on the moon too). Over at Rebel Dad, he's keeping us up with all the links we need - especially regarding how moms in the workplace depend on their stay-at-home hubbies. David, over at Daddy Make a Picture has a fresh new look (and I love his stuff, despite the fact that he's a Yankees fan) - and he has a great post up about the dreadful commercials that I always scream and yell about myself.

One of my favorites, Laid-Off Dad (also a Yankees fan), is enjoying a well-deserved mini-holiday right now. But read his stuff, it's legendary! Over at Frenzied Daddy (also a fellow Oregonian) Russ is dealing with the crap corporate world. But his job as Dad never gets downsized.

Fulltime Father has a great post up about the gender thing - and I like what he has to say, except I think that if a boy wants to wear a dress, well then, a dress it is. Really, can a dress be that much worse than superman tights and a cape?

Over at Fishyshark, our About-To-Be-Dad hasn't posted in a while, but he does have a gorgeous picture of the woman he most likely doesn't deserve (just kidding, Kos!). Elisa looks gorgeous, but I know she's ready to go - I believe the due date is any time now. The next few months are going to be nothing like what Kos expected - but better than he ever dreamed.

Other Blogging Dads that I love to read (that don't necessarily blog about Daddy-dom) are Tom Burka and TBogg.

Finally, a Kudos to my own Dad, who has always been there for me no matter what. He's literally driven thousands of miles to rescue me, he's defended me endlessly, protected me and he even changed his entire life to move across the country and be an on-site Grandad. If you read the post earlier about Dad's fantastic blog (I've taken it down now since it seemed a little negative and I want to be nice - today) you knew how frustrated I was for him earlier, but in the end, it's going to work out (he is now linked from the Blog for America, so that's great), I'm sure. Webpages aside, I'm more proud than anything that he's my Dad. The college kids he teaches, the people he comes into contact with and my entire family are better because of him. I think any political campaign would also be. That's probably why I'm feeling so defensive of him. Well, I'm sure things will work out okay.

Check out these dads - they are awesome, hardworking and very, very cool... In this mama's book anyway.

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