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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
      ( 2:08 PM )
One for the "We're Making You Safer Every Day!" File

Missing: Secret Information About US Airports
(or "Have You Seen My Laptop?")

Yes, that's right:

The search goes on for a stolen laptop
computer, a computer that contains sensitive
information about security at all the
commercial airports in the U.S. It happened
during an airport security training seminar
at the Embassy Suites near Philadelphia

Police and the FBI have not located that
computer nor have they made any arrests.
I am told it contains sensitive information
about security at the nation's 429 airports.
A source tells Action News they do not believe
this was the job of a professional who knew
what was on the computer, but someone who
thought they might be able to get some
good cash for it at a pawnshop.

Evidently, they were using the computer for training and when they broke for lunch, they left it behind. Nice one. I feel safer already. Thanks, TSA!!

(Thanks to Maru for the link)

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