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Monday, October 13, 2003
      ( 12:10 PM )
Monday Round Up

I'm having a tough time getting started on everything today. But if you're looking for a good round up of news and comment, and downright great blogging, I recommend you start with Tom Burka (it's always good to get the right perspective before reading the news) and move on to Maru's always unique comments on today's stories. Top that off with a visit to the Vet and his list of sound bites from the Administration (hint: the WH has an ever-decreasing enthusiasm for finding those folks they've lost), Daily Kos' thoughts on the very-near primaries, Josh Marshall at TPM on the identical letters to the editor that are popping up everywhere, and finally, Billmon, who explains in detail why he is now un-endorsing Howard Dean (my reaction later).

Now you should be ready to go!

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